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Infinite Wood brings Infinite perfection to your designs

At Decospan we look to the future, spotting upcoming trends and constantly focusing on innovation. Consequently we already have, today, the solution to the demands of tomorrow. Our offering is now getting a real upgrade with Infinite Wood, a completely new collection that is infinitely scalable.


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Infinite Wood is veneer that overcomes the inherent limitations of wood because it is infinitely reproducible and also suitable for very large-scale projects. The collection offers unprecedented perfection thanks to the recognisable grain pattern and the versatile palette of colours. Furthermore the FSC® certification guarantees that only wood from responsibly managed forests is used.

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The Infinite Wood range consists of seventeen designs. The starting point is always the same: preserving the beauty of wood and making it infinitely available thanks to Alpi technology. We succeed in perfecting both classical and exotic types of wood and offering it in large, uniform volumes.

In our magazine you can read about how we manufacture this new, versatile product and discover the 17 looks of Infinite Wood.


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